PHI Pilates Company Vision


Christine Romani-Ruby, PT, MPT, ATC, PMA® CPT founded PHI Pilates in 1999 in an effort to make Pilates education accessible and affordable to fitness and rehabilitation professionals. With more than 25 years of fitness experience and 17 years of rehabilitation experience, Christine has developed a program that brings a scientific, yet user friendly perspective to the methods of Joseph H. Pilates.

Originally named PowerHouse Pilates, PHI Pilates was the first to bring Pilates education in-house and cater the training to the needs of the facility. Now, PHI offers the most complete and comprehensive training program that includes both written and practical exams. Developing and presenting innovative Pilates workouts for today’s Pilates enthusiast while still honoring the traditional works of Joseph Pilates and the most recent research on Pilates is one of the company’s main goals. PHI Pilates prides itself in offering training courses that focus on producing a teacher who is attentive to proper alignment and appropriate exercise selection, and who is able to demonstrate a variety of modifications and progressions. In addition, the importance of programming and marketing, and guidance on the business side of Pilates is a component of each course.

As an active leader in both fitness and rehabilitation, Christine has brought together a large group of knowledgeable and approachable master teachers. Each of these master teachers brings their own personal experience and expertise that can be matched with your facility to create just the right focus for your Pilates course. Whether your focus is fitness, rehabilitation, or a combination of both we have the teacher and the program for you.

For those that are already trained in Pilates, PHI offers exceptional continuing education that provides PMA, ACE and BOC credits. These courses are available in both online and live formats so that you can easily fit them into your busy schedule. Please also consider our books and DVD’s for your training library.