Instructor Licensure Course

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Licensed Instructor

Created by Master Teacher Ariel Hernandez PMA(R)CPT

Medically endorsed by Dr. Christine Romani-Ruby PT, D.Ed., MPT, ATC

Finally a Barre Class safe for backs, hips and knees!

Barre Bellas sculpts and tones with resistance and teaches healthy turn out with rotation discs.

What is the cost of the Barre Bellas instructor training program?

The cost of the Instructor training weekend is $600. There is a $50 discount for early registration four weeks prior to the course. The course fee includes the online training manual and forum and the first year of licensure. Licensure begins on the completion of the weekend training, online exam, and signed agreement.


Licensure renewal cost is $125 and it includes an online continuing education course to assure that instructors are up to date with current research.

What does the Barre Bellas instructor training involve?

Fourteen Hour Live Training Course
Earn 14 PMA and 14 BOC continuing education credits


This 14 hour workshop trains you to teach the Barre Bellas concept of a work out using a Barre; not a class for dancers.  Learn how to safely challenge clients while protecting knees and backs and teaching healthy movement patterns for life.  The Barre Bellas teacher program will provide the knowledge, choreography, music, and tools for a one of a kind work out using bands, barres, weights, rotation discs and more!  Make physical activity fun and provide a well rounded class for everyBODY.  Following the course, instructors will be required to pass an online exam to obtain the license.

Course Objectives:

1. identify and correct faulty movement patterns that can lead to back or knee injury

2. demonstrate proper hip rotation using the roto disc

3.  list the principles of the Barre Bellas work out

4. describe the concepts of stability and mobility

5.  demonstrate 15 Barre Bellas exercise sequences

What are the benefits of the Barre Bellas Licensure Program?

Listing on the website as a licensed Barre Bellas instructor with a link to your own site.

Access to the exclusive online forum for licensed Barre Bellas instructors with updated research, teaching tips, video clips and networking.

Business and marketing support.

Use of the registered Barre Bellas trademark to align yourself with the medically endorsed and recognized brand.

Discounts on the purchase of Barre Bellas equipment sold by PHI Pilates.

Discounts on the purchase of Barre Bellas music by YES.

Certificate as a Barre Bellas licensed instructor suitable for wall hanging.

PMA and BOC continuing education credits.