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What should I wear? 
Fitted clothes are best.  This helps us to evaluate your posture.  Avoid buttons or zippers.  Yoga pants or fitted long shorts are best.

How many times per week should I do Pilates?
Two times per week is ideal, but Pilates is gentle enough to do every day.  Even if you attend just once per week, you will see results.

Will Pilates help me lose weight?
Pilates exercise increases strength which will increase your muscle mass.  Having more muscle, increases your metabolism which in combination with a healthy diet will help you to lose body fat.  The main way that Pilates changes your appearance is by improving your posture.  This happens very quickly and standing taller will make you appear slimmer.

Will Pilates help with back pain?
Pilates exercise helps you to build core strength and improve flexibility.  This will create balance in your muscles and improve your posture.  With regular practice and an appropriate program, Pilates can reduce and prevent back pain.  Be sure to schedule an intake visit for your first visit so that we can plan a program to meet your needs.

Are the instructors at Phi Pilates certified?
All instructors at Phi Pilates Studio are certified.  The master teachers are credentialed by the Pilates Method Alliance which is the highest standard available in Pilates.